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Custom Made Education and why it is necessary?

Custom Made Education and why it is necessary?

Published:23 August 2019

# Shalini Nair

Einstein had said a long way back, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll always believe that its stupid.”The average person reads that, ponders for a while, but goes back to judging the fish by its ability to climb a tree. 

Bhopal : Einstein had said a long way back, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll always believe that its stupid.”The average person reads that, ponders for a while, but goes back to judging the fish by its ability to climb a tree. I don’t believe that the genius physicist was wrong; but the average person also isn’t wrong.India, to start with, is a fear based society. We have endured centuries of slavery and submission. Our minds, perhaps, still operate the same way. Most of us feed our mentalities, that life only has limited opportunities, and if you don’t go by the market demands, you are doomed to be a failure. We forget that markets are created by men and women, who dared to break free from confirming to the society’s norms. 

Not one of the trendsetters had regular lives, not one of them were followers; cent percent of them were born just the way an average person is born, in the most unnoticeable of circumstances. What sets these men and women apart from the average crowd? What is stopping each one of us, from being a genius? A peek into our education system might help. 

The present school system was started by the British, to produce clerks. They required machine like people, who’d obey orders of the aristocracy, without questions, and get them the products they needed. It was not designed to produce geniuses to start with. 200 years of that, and we still by habit, are programmed to produce clerk level intelligence by millions each year. No wonder, unemployment is rampant, coz the fish (still trying to climb the tree) thinks its stupid!

“What use is teaching these village kids, numbers and science? They eventually will go back to doing menial jobs, and labor. Also, if they become educated, we won’t have people to work in our gardens and do house work. They’ll look for other prestigious jobs, and our kids will suffer from unemployment.” A government school teacher said this to me once. We all are guilty of thinking this way, for even once in our lifetimes. 

Education has to come out of a 200 or 300 pages textbook, and be of use in our daily lives. Labor and the so called small jobs, require skill and an education of its own. Plus, if the child is educated with the right tools for the simplification of the job, and perhaps scaling up of the business he or she is involved in, poverty may no longer be the norm. Right now, we have a huge section of the youth, who never wanted to study engineering, but had to, because their field of interest never was accounted for; rather they never were given the education, nor the support to take it forward. As an analogy, if we feed the lion, the panda, the deer, the squirrel, the ants, the cuckoo, and the hyenas, with bamboo shoots, just the panda will survive. Same happens in our present education system; we feed different minds, with the same education, and hope everyone excels. We fail to notice the mental and emotional deaths, our children suffer, because they seem physically alive.

Customized education isn’t a farfetched dream. We just need to shift our focus from submission to willingly creating our desired lives. In the present age of globalization, we are aware of the best and the worst in the world we live in. It requires skillful planning, and division of the present curriculum in our education systems, to suit the child’s needs. We may argue that with a population of a hundred crores, its fairly impossible to cater to every individual’s need, but we are fortunate enough that we belong to the same species, and also have similar interests, to share. It just needs the correct categorization of people, and training in their own fields of interests, where they are allowed to contribute their unique insights and experiences.

The world outside of schools is pretty categorized and divided into specializations, be it music, dance, engineering, medical sciences, marketing or mechanics. No wonder, having gone through a uniform curriculum (most of which they never liked!) for a good solid 14 years of their tender developing lives, our children are confused as to what to choose? Why not provide these options in the basic years as well? Internet is gushing with examples of various education systems, and countries where this is a reality. Population is one of our lame excuses. We forget that we are the largest democracy, and still thriving. If these hundred crore people can be managed administratively, what is stopping us from educating them rightly?We need to embrace change, and the fear of not being valued because of not confirming, has to go out of the window. Empires are not built using a slave mentality. And none of us, was born a slave. 


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