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Imran Khan brutally trolled over CAB tweet

Imran Khan brutally trolled over CAB tweet

Published:12 December 2019

New Delhi | Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was brutally trolled after he tweeted on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill that has since been passed by both the houses of Parliament.
Khan posted on @ImranKhanPTI: "We strongly condemn the Indian Lok Sabha's citizenship legislation which violates all norms of international human rights law & bilateral agreements with Pakistan...." 
The December 10 post got 10.2K retweets and 31.6K likes.
One user wrote: "In fact as a "homeland created for Muslims" you should offer refuge to all persecuted Muslims of the Indian subcontinent. Show India you can do it too!"
Another wrote: "Look who's talking. Please don't talk about human rights because it doesn't suit you." "Better treat everyone equally in your country. Had you done it this would not be necessary," read another post.
One user remarked: "We strongly strongly, strongly condemn the Pakistani government for its inhumane treatment of Hindus, Balochis, Sindhis, Sikhs, Christians, Ahmaddiyas, Shias and your own Pashtun clan."


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