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Flipkart founder Bansal's wife raises 'life threat from hubby' alarm
Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal and his wife Priya Bansal.

Flipkart founder Bansal's wife raises 'life threat from hubby' alarm

Published:05 March 2020

Indian e-commerce pioneer and Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal's wife Priya Bansal filed a dowry harassment case against him and declared that she and her son were facing "physical, mental and emotional" threat from Bansal.

Bengaluru | Indian e-commerce pioneer and Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal's wife Priya Bansal filed a dowry harassment case against him and declared that she and her son were facing "physical, mental and emotional" threat from Bansal.

"Given the position and status of Sachin Bansal and his violent and abusive behaviour towards me. I am fearful for the physical safety of my son, Aryaman, and myself," declared Priya in her police complaint at Koramangala police station in the city.

Priya lodged a seven page police complaint against her husband Bansal and his family, detailing all the hardships she has been subjected to, right from her wedding engagement negotiations time way back in 2008.

The Koramangala police received her complaint on February 28 at 9 p.m. and registered a case.

"Sachin Bansal's wife has filed a dowry harassment case against him," confirmed Madiwala Assistant Commissioner of Police Kari Basavanagowda to IANS.

"Post wedding, it was decided that it I will stay with my husband. Before the wedding, in-laws visited my home and asked for more dowry. My husband and in-laws have been giving me mental and physical torture since the wedding for dowry. When my sister Radhika Goyal was in Delhi, Sachin had sexually assaulted her. Sachin had tried to transfer all properties in my name to his name and when I refused, Sachin had physically assaulted me on 20 October 2019. I have been tortured mentally and physically by in-laws for dowry," Priya alleged in the FIR.

Giving graphic details about the mistreatment meted out her and her family, Priya, 35, alleged that her father splurged Rs 50 lakh on her wedding and additionally gave Rs 11 lakh to 38-year-old Bansal.

She said that the e-commerce pioneer in India has been harassing her to transfer all the properties on her name to his ownership.

In consequence of her rejection to do so, Priya said Bansal's family has been harassing her.

In her complaint, Bansal has been designated as the accused one (A1), followed by Sat Prakash Aggarwal (A2), Kiran Bansal (A3) and Nitin Bansal (A4).

Sat Prakash Aggarwal and Kiran Bansal are Bansal's parents while Nitin Bansal is his brother.

"My husband I had an arranged marriage through a marriage bureau in 2008 in Chandigarh. A month after the wedding was fixed, A2 (Aggarwal) and A3 (Kiran Bansal) started making dowry demands," said Priya in her complaint.

She said Bansal's parents and brother were extremely clear in their demands about the scale and standards of the wedding festivities.

"They had also made very clear and unequivocal demands about how much cash and the kind of gifts they expected from my parents for themselves and for my husband's extended family," said Priya.

"They were unequivocal in their demand that all marriage related expenses would have to be borne by my parents. The wedding date has already been finalized, my parents thus had no choice but to agree to the demands of Aggarwal and Nitin Bansal," she said in the police case.

According to the Flipkart co-founder's wife, just a few days before their wedding, Bansal's mother demanded that Priya should wear heavier gold necklace of at least 15 tolas than the one already purchased by her parents.

A statement from the office of Bansal has said that there is a gag order against reporting on the Sachin Bhansal case. "The defendant, her agents or any person claiming through her and her representatives or agents and the press are restrained from alienating or in any manner encumbering the suit schedule A to F properties and also from printing or publishing in the print media, electronic media or any social media sites in any form on any matter in relation to the dispute a subject matter of this petition till next date."

"As could be seen from the records the plaintiff is a businessman and both hail from respectable families. As it is a matrimonial dispute, in the event of defendant publishing the issues between them through press and media including electronic and social media, it tarnishes the image and reputation of parties before the public and also may cause damage to the business. To protect the privacy of matrimonial issues, if the defendant is restrained from alienating, encumbering of (a) to (f) properties no hardship will cause to the other side. Otherwise it may leads to multiplicity of proceedings and purpose of filing suit become infructuous," the statement further said.

The investigating officer said the probe is on and Bansal has not been arrested yet.



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